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TABOO, pronounced “ta-bu”, is a hybrid carnival band which merges the traditional components of masquerade, with the contemporary appeal of pretty party mas. The theme-specific costume band offers its clientele Avant Garde costumes and a contemporary soca-party experience like no other.
TABOO's core values are rooted in the preservation of culture, community and locally inspired and produced craft. As such, the youthful band boasts range and dynamism, having crafted and produced both pretty mas and traditional mas costumes.
At TABOO, there is a costume designed with every reveler in mind.

The small and intimate Saint Lucian band boasts a truly authentic Saint Lucian Experience for all its revelers. The band stands out from others by way of its;

  • Locally-made and custom-made costumes (specific to revelers’ individual styles and needs),

  • Extensive and detailed local cuisine menus on mobile buffet,

  • Unlimited drinks mobile bars,

  • And affiliated business sponsors which cater to the general carnival needs of any masquerader.


TABOO’s purpose is to provide unmatched and daring party entertainment during the annual Saint Lucia national carnival festivities, all while maintaining the folk-cultural approach to the national festival.

Team TABOO consist of a vibrant group of young ambitious adults whose experiences in carnival and related industries assist in propelling and raising TABOO - as an entertainment company - to a higher level. With over 20 combined years of experience in custom costume design, logistics management, customer service experience, brand management, carnival business and more, Team TABOO is excited to bring to the industry and our revelers a truly authentic all-inclusive Saint Lucian Carnival Experience.


The TABOO experience does not stop at carnival. We are proud to say that TABOO is an unflinching advocate for the empowerment and recognition of Saint Lucia’s talented, as well as less-fortunate people. One of our major annual commitments is to contribute charitably to a selected organization as a means of raising awareness for their concerns and dutifully fulfilling our mandate as a traditional band which considers the communal aspect of the cultural festival. As sure as Team TABOO fete’ing BADDD, we also serves our communities GOODDD.


The design team led by Sharleen Lagon, has a crystal reputation of delivering custom designs above and beyond typical expectations. Shop your costume with us today and you won't be disappointed.



The road production team is powered by several event managers and engineers whose only goal is to make the experience unforgettable. Picture-Perfect is what TABOO is. Join the troupe and you won't feel disappointed!



With the finest in corporate partnership, TABOO offers exquisite service from the point of registration and beyond. Join us for complete satisfaction, professional hospitality services, prompt response rates and true bacchanal euphoria.