TABOO aims to treat all its masqueraders like royalty on the road. What’s "Fun-In-The-Sun" if it’s not basking in the euphoria of exclusive services? TABOO will supply each and every reveler with all that is necessary for the road.
Our services keep our troupe energized and thoroughly satisfied from Choc (starting position) to Castries Waterfront (main stage) and back!

Just as TABOO costumes are stratified and differ based on the value of your selected package, so are the road services.


To find out more about the details of your package, see the following information or contact us directly. Specifics of the road drinks, and menus will be shared ONLY with registered revelers.


"Prime 'n' Pressure Party" Package, otherwise called "Triple P" or "PPP" is a recently introduced costume package offered by TABOO Carnival. It offers general access to the vibe that is TABOO. Apart from your selected costume within this package, here's what you get...

  • DJs, Soca Artistes and Performers

    • DJ Strangekid, DJ FA, DJ Babarootz, DJ Shelz​, and more to be announced...

  • General Drinks Bars

    • Sponsor's Collection, Cocktails, Rum Punch, Energy Drinks, Water, Etc...

  • Diet-Friendly Lunch Menu Options and Snacks

    • Red Meat, Poultry, Fish or Vegetarian

    • Local Confectionery, Cookies, Etc...

  • Professional Photography and Videography Services

    • Drone Services, Go Pro Services, Conventional Service

  • Access To Essential Toiletries

    • Panty-Liners, Tampons, Tissue, Sunscreen, Etc...​

  • Security Patrol

    • Uniformed & Undisclosed Private Security

    • Raised Security Rope Barriers Along The Inner-City Route​

  • On-Call Medical Assistants.


    • Red-Cross Certified​


The VIP Experience has always been part of the TABOO Carnival Module. The composition of each premium package is where the magic happens! TABOO's VIP Package offers masqueraders the priority access and pampering treatment that typically comes with premium services. The VIP+ Package goes the extra mile and gives even more to the reveler looking to be treated as royalty on the road. The "+" denotes exaggerated services in drinks, food, pampering and costume.

  • Premium Bars

    • Hennessey, Moet & Chardonnay, Ciroc, Dewar’s, Johnnie Walker, Etc…

    • VIP+ "Bottle-On-Reserve" Services (VIP+ Included)

  • Local and International Breakfast and Lunch Menu Options

    • Four (4) Diet Options Daily - Poultry, Fish, Red Meat, Vegetarian

    • Buffet Styled Menu

    • Pre-Plated Lunch (VIP+ Exclusive)

  • Snacks and Hors D'oeuvres

    • ​Finger Foods Such As Kebabs, Patties, Wraps, Etc...

    • Local Confectionery

    • Liquor Infused Deserts

  • Custom-fitted Costumes

    • Private Walk-In Fitting Session

    • Costume Delivery (VIP+ Exclusive)

    • On The Road Costume Amendments

  • Road Hospitality Service

    • Service Personnel​

    • Specially Assigned Service Assistant (VIP+ Exclusive)

  • Mega-Costume Piece Holding Truck

    • Priority Costume Storage (VIP+ Exclusive)​

  • Cool-Down Buses

    • Air Conditioned Rest Vehicles